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Sam and the Twisters---1961---Syracuse, New York

"Sparing No Expense, The Boys Spent Their Entire Quarter on a Professional Portrait"

Peter and Eileen Cavanaugh---1958---Syracuse, New York

Flint, Michigan 1964

Peter C./WTAC Owner Gene Milner/"WEETAC TWINS"/WTAC VP& GM Charlie Speights

MC-5 -- Sherwood Forest -- October 19, 1969

Peter C. Cavanaugh & Johnny Irons


Peter C. Cavanaugh and Sherwood Forest Production Team -- Summer 1973

WTAC's Rich Frost -- Sherwood Forest Record Room -- 1973

Narc Warning Sign--Sherwood Forest Entrance--Summer 1974

Bob Vanderweil (page 253) and John "Mr. Goodbar" Smith (page 231)

Sherwood Forest Entrance Gate - 1974

WTAC's Mary Alice Reddy, Peter C, "Mr. Goodbar", Don Sherwood, Bob Garner, Bob Vanderweil

Sherwood Forest Main Lodge Entrance - 1971

Police "Safety Inspection"--Sherwood Forest -- 1971

PC/WTAC General Manager Charlie Speights/BJ Furman

Las Vegas, Nevada -- 1974

WTAC Client Trip

Peter and Eileen Cavanaugh--Nassau, The Bahamas--1975

Corporate Cool -- 1977

Disco Duck - 1978


Left to right front -- Tim "The Fish" Siegrist, Morris "Moto" Thomas

Left to right standing -- Peter C., Stu Schader "The Space Invader", Sean McNeil, Doug Cunningham, Jeff Holbrook "Prince of Darkness", Ron Shannon and Michael Moore

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