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                       It's the 42nd Anniversary of "96 Tears!"

                           "96 Tears is the best Rock 'n Roll song ever" - John Lennon.

"Peter C. Cavanaugh! What can I say about a guy who believed in me and my group, "Question Mark and The Mysterians" when no one else did? We always rock ‘n rolled and partied before "96 Tears" became #1 in the world on October 29, 1966. Peter, you were there before we happened, you were there when we happened, and you still and always will be there!"
---QUESTION MARK--Mysterian Music Ltd.

The Legendary Question Mark of Question Mark and The Mysterians with WTAC's Jerry Aguayo

                                                              Pontiac, Michigan





                                                                  MICHIGAN SUMMERTIME

                                         BACKSTAGE MORNING SET-UP

                                                   SHERWOOD FOREST

                                                            BACK IN '73

                                                           Click on Photo for your "Wild Wednesday Theme"

                                                                               "The Ox" by "The WHO"

                                                                             from "My Generation" (1965)


                           Sherwood Forest "Robin Hood" Photograph and Graphics by Dennis Bedore of Davison


                                                            Snidley Whiplash, Steven Lee & Crunchy Cristals

                                                                                     "THE FRUT"

                                                   "Super Sunday" -- September 24, 1972 -- Sherwood Forest"


                               "Wild Wednesday '73" -- Sherwood Forest -- Photograph -- Courtesy of Mike Joubran

                                                             (Note Sherwood Forest "Robin Hood" Statue -- Center Top Background)


                     Peter C. and Bob Seger---WTAC "Coca-Cola Denim Machine" Drawing--Small Mall --Flint--March 1976     


                                            Fitzpatrick C. Cavanaugh



                                         "A Cat With Far Away Eyes"


                             "Young Cats" -- Rob Namowicz and Local DJ

                                              Flint, Michigan -- 1982


               The Esquires -- Holly, Michigan -- 1967 -- First in Rock 'n Roll -- First in Political Correctness



                                   Opening For KISS -- Delta College -- Saginaw, Michigan -- November 1974


Rob Namowicz -- Cole Lake Sound Studios -- Holly, Michigan -- 2010



                           Rob Namowicz with "The Bhang"--1972        Rob Namowicz - With Chuck Berry -- 2005


                  Chuck Berry with Rob Namowicz (on the right) -- Walled Lake Casino Reunion -- November 2003


                                     The Legendary Question Mark with The Incendiary Rob Namowicz

                                                                                           August 16th, 2010

                                                                                                O'Toole's Bar

                                                                                          Waterford, Michigan

                                                                                 Namowicz' Notes From The Night:

"Question Mark and the group were sensational! "The Esquires" opened for him at the Fenton Community Center in 1965 and our little Holly band also opened for Question Mark at Mt. Holly, the Lakeland Castle in Caseville, the Band Canyon in Bay City, Sherwood Forest and all over Michigan. The Q-man was everywhere. In my humble opinion, his label mates from Cameo-Parkway (Terry Knight and the Pack, Bob Seger, and the host of other mid-Michigan talent that went on the great success) owe a lot to Question Mark for bringing major labels to town to shop for talent. He sold 14 MILLION copies of '96 Tears' and what record company exec worth his three martini lunch couldn't notice that!?"

First Rob Namowicz E-Mail Ever Transmitted to Peter Cavanaugh

December 22, 2006 --6:33:47 AM

Subject--"Lose The Cat"


Am I really the first fuddyduddy to mention the kitty? Think of your stirling reputation, your standing in the radio community, your stature as a thoughtful sensitive caring senscient being, your children, your grandchildren, your boogie chillen, and maybe that cop knocking on your front door.

Is this really what computing is all about? Worrying about your friends in far away places? Gone from good influences for twenty minutes and you are back to your adolescent hijinks!

Poor Eileen, has she been beatified yet? Can you get that done at the Crystal Cathedral while you are out there? Is that blasphemy? Of course, we miss you both.

Merry Christmas, RobN


       Rob Namowicz & Mark Farner "Grand Funk Railroad" & Petey Woodman "Meatloaf"-- Labor Day Weekend---2007


 Classic Rob Namowicz "Magical Mystery Show" Promotional Piece

                  1970----Eighth Floor--Holly Hotel----Holly, Michigan

                                       "For Fifty Bucks We Drop Her Out The Window."

The vertical people are Curtis Johnson, guitar; Joe Rathburn, bass; Rob Namowicz, guitar and Spiritual Leadership & Jim Striggow, drummer of the dangerously legendary Skyhook band. The horizontal component is Ronda Lee Reid, Lake Fenton Girl Guide and Swamp Woman.





"This is a piece I wrote as a warm up the band sound check sort of thing. When it first appeared the band was me, Jim Striggow, and Donnie Carey on bass. Then when Curtis Johnson joined the band he played rhythm guitar. We were rehearsing in downtown Holly in a restaurant named "Deli Bill's" after the owner, Deli Bill. We had been rehearsing one of Curtis' songs over and over, for more than a couple hours. The band was tempo weary from the slow introspective Curtis Johnson tune. I called for this more up tempo composition. I think the boys stepped up, don't you? You can hear me calling chord changes to Curtis in the background. When we rehearsed this or played when my donut buddy, Gene, was there he would say, "Are you guys going to Montreaux?" I really liked Curtis' rhythm guitar fills, he can be quite original."




                  Michael Moore and Unusually Suspected Acquaintances

                               Note: Mike's "Sherwood Forest" Hat

"Moore is a Well-Behaved Young Man Who Plays Nicely With Fellow Concert-Goers"

                                                        J. Edgar Hoover (1970)